CFD Calculator

Online CFD calculators are a helpful tool to calculate certain aspects of CFD trading. With our CFD calculators you can calculate online leverage, margin, stop loss, take profit and risk in CFD trading.

cfd calculator

Why are online CFD calculators helpful?

CFD trading can be very risky, among other things. Thorough preparation, especially for CFD beginners, is very important! You need to understand how leverage and margin affect trading. For good risk management in CFD trading, stop loss and take profits play a crucial role. With online CFD calculators you can calculate all these things. 

Even if leverage and margin are standard for experienced CFD traders and they know their way around. Some things are difficult to estimate and calculate in advance. Especially when it comes to risk, a CFD calculator can be very helpful. In a margin call, in the worst case, the CFDs are automatically closed by the CFD broker when the margin is used up, and the total loss occurs.

For this reason we have developed our CFD Risk Calculator. With the CFD Risk Calculator you can calculate exactly when you are at risk of a total loss based on your margin, your traded CFD and other information. So you can plan your CFD trading in advance and reduce the risk!

What online CFD calculators do we offer?

We offer you a range of sophisticated CFD calculators, with which you can calculate everything completely online. Here you can find a list of our CFD calculators:

Leverage & Margin Calculator

Profit & Loss Calculator

Stop Loss Calculator

Take Profit Calculator