Profit and loss calculator

Good preparation is very important in CFD trading. Especially when high leverage is used, you must be able to assess the risk. For this purpose, it is helpful to know before opening a CFD, how price changes affect your own capital and whether you make a profit or loss. Our CFD calculator can also be helpful for risk management and setting stop-loss and take-profit.

With our Profit & Loss Calculator you can calculate how price changes of an underlying, such as a stock or an index, affect the result of your CFD. How high the profit or loss is for certain price changes, you can calculate with the help of our "Profit & Loss Calculator".


How do I calculate profit and loss in CFD trading?

With our CFD calculator you can calculate the profit or loss for a CFD trade in advance. To do this, enter the price at the opening and closing of the CFD position.

How high the profit/loss is then depends on the margin used. In addition, the amount of leverage and the traded market direction also play a role. 

After entering all the data, the percentage change of your CFD and the resulting profit or loss will be calculated.