Stop Loss Calculator

What is the stop loss?

The stop loss is one of the most important order types in CFD trading and stock trading. The stop loss automatically closes the position at a previously specified price. This stop price is below the opening price and is intended to protect the trader from excessive losses. The stop loss is one of the most important elements in risk management for trading with CFDs and leverage, along with the take profit.

The stop loss is a very important element not only in CFD trading. Also in normal trading with shares a stop loss can protect you from too high losses, for example if the market trend changes or unexpected news influence the price.


How does the stop loss calculator work?

The stop loss calculator calculates the price where you have to set your stop loss in order to protect a previously defined loss. Based on the opening price, your deposited margin, your defined maximum loss, the leverage and the market direction, our intelligent CFD calculator calculates the price for your stop loss.