Take Profit Calculator

What is the Take Profit?

The Take Profit is a type of order that is used to secure profits. With the take profit you define a price at which your CFD position will be closed automatically. It is one of the most important order types along with the stop loss and is part of any risk management in CFD trading.


How does the Take Profit Calculator work?

With our smart take profit calculator you can calculate the price for your take profit, for a certain profit. This way you know where to set your take profit to achieve a certain profit.

To calculate the take profit, you need to specify the price when opening the CFD, as well as the leverage with which you trade and the market direction. Also important is the margin used, i.e. the money that is actually deposited in your CFD position. As leverage, the standard leverage permitted in the EU is deposited. Based on the targeted profit, the take profit calculator calculates the price for the take profit based on your opening price, leverage, margin and market direction.