TradingView review and test

TradingView is one of the leading platforms in the field of trading and chart analysis. In this article we explain the numerous and innovative features of TradingView and share our personal experience with TradingView.

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What is TradingView?

TradingView is an online platform for trading, chart analysis and fundamental analysis and offers a variety of real-time quotes and other information about the stock market. With over 30 million users worldwide, TradingView is one of the largest trading platforms in the world and a leader in chart analysis.

The large community of traders and chart analysts provides great inspiration for opportunities in trading and investing. TradingView's platform is available in over 21 languages. With real-time quotes on almost every market in the world, you are always well informed, whether it's stocks, forex, indices, bonds, futures and cryptocurrencies.

The offer of the TradingView platform

TradingView offers great added value for traders and investors in various areas. Even if the name of the platform initially suggests that it might only be interesting for trading, long-term investors will also find useful information on the platform. With the real-time prices and the well-prepared charts, one always keeps an overview of the markets.

The trademark of TradingView is the chart analysis or also called technical analysis. Here TradingView offers a wide range of different indicators and drawing tools. You can even program your own indicators on the platform or use them from other users of the platform.

In addition to chart analysis, TradingView also offers up-to-date financial data on most companies. This makes TradingView also interesting for long-term investors. For example, fundamental ratios can be displayed in a graphically appealing way in the chart and viewed over a longer period of time. For those who find other stock market portals, such as Bloomberg, too expensive, TradingView can be a good substitute.

Another big plus of TradingView is the large community, which constantly publishes new ideas and you can discuss your own assessments of the market. Especially when trading, it is often helpful to hear a second opinion and get a different perspective.

TradingView is not only available on the browser on the computer. The mobile TradingView app also offers all the functions that you would have in the desktop version. So you are always and everywhere connected with the market events on the stock exchange.

Chart analysis with TradingView

As mentioned above, chart analysis is the trademark of TradingView. Accordingly, the functions for technical analysis of the charts are advanced and well worked out. The multitude of indicators can be individually edited in the chart and optimally adapted to the chart. Here are the special features of chart analysis with TradingView:

  • 100+ pre-made popular indicators
  • +100,000 indicators created by the community
  • 50+ smart drawing tools
  • Volume profile indicators
  • Candlestick Pattern Recognition
  • Multi-Timeframe Analyses

What drawing tools are available?

TradingView offers over 50 different drawing tools that can be used to edit and add to the charts. The drawing tools are arranged in different groups in TradingView:

  • Trend lines (horizontal and vertical trend lines, trend angles, trend channel, etc.)
  • Retracements (Fibonacci retracements, pitchfork, Gann fans, etc.)
  • Forms (brushes, circles, rectangles, any shapes)
  • Texts (text notes in chart)
  • Chart pattern (Elliot waves, cycles, etc.)
  • Symbols (arrows, smileys, etc.)

The large selection of drawing tools offers great flexibility in the design of the chart analysis. Since each drawing in the chart can be customized and changed, the chart remains clear. Thus, one can change the drawing tools in their color, intensity, or validity for a certain time window and even provide them with alarms.

A big advantage of TradingView is the favorites function. Here you can mark frequently used drawing tools as favorites, which are then clearly displayed in a separate bar in the chart. This simplifies the chart analysis, if you do not have to search for the respective tool every time.

In our test, the drawing tools were convincing in the chart analysis with TradingView. Not only the selection of different drawing tools is very large, but also the simple and intuitive operation. We had very good experiences with the individual adjustments of the drawings in the chart. This makes the chart analysis clear and versatile. Very practical is the function where you can mark drawing tools as a favorite, which are then displayed in an extra bar in the chart for faster selection.

What are the indicators?

TradingView offers over 100 different indicators for technical analysis of charts. The selection ranges from classic indicators such as RSI, moving averages, MACD, etc. to individually programmed indicators from the community. The offer is complemented by a wide range of financial data, which allows for intensive fundamental analysis. As with the drawing tools, all indicators can be marked as favorites, which are then listed separately in a section. However, the number of indicators per chart depends on the subscription booked. Here are the 4 groups of indicators summarized:

  • Favorites
    • Here you can find all indicators that have been marked as favorite. This helps to keep the overview and allows to quickly adjust the chart and the technical analysis.
  • Technical Analysis
    • Here you can find all indicators that are needed for technical analysis (chart analysis). In addition, strategies, volume profiles, candlestick patterns and automatic chart patterns can also be found here.
  • Financial data
    • Here you can find all important key figures and financial data of the companies. The selection here consists of key figures from the areas of income, balance sheet, cash flow and statistics. Thus, with TradingView also an intensive fundamental analysis of shares of companies is possible.
  • Community scripts
    • In the Community Scripts section you can find all indicators programmed by users from the community. Here you can find individual strategies and indicators that can bring an advantage in chart analysis.

In our test, the indicators offered by TradingView were able to meet our expectations. Compared to the integrated indicators of banks and brokers, the indicators of TradingView are individually customizable. Not only the settings of the indicators, but also the graphical representation is very well developed and offers many possibilities.

We like the possibility of using several indicators on top of each other, e.g. using a moving average in the RSI indicator.

The possibility to include financial data like indicators in the chart is a very big advantage of TradingView. This allows graphically appealing fundamental analysis in the chart, with which we have had very good experience.

The indicators programmed by the community are a unique selling point of TradingView and clearly distinguish the platform from competitors. The selection is very large and the published indicators are presented transparently and are also evaluated by the community. Here you can get a great advantage for trading.

Fundamental analysis of shares

Fundamental analysis plays a rather subordinate role for trading. For long-term and successful investing in stocks, fundamental analysis is very important. For fundamental analysis, there is a wide range of information available for specific companies and stocks. TradingView also has a number of fundamental analysis indicators built into its platform.

In addition to the chart analysis, TradingView also enables a well-founded fundamental analysis to be carried out on the basis of the charts. For this purpose, a variety of financial ratios are available, which can be displayed clearly and with the temporal trend in the chart. The great advantage here is that one has a graphical representation of the financial ratios and can thus recognize business trends in the company much better.

The selection of financial ratios for fundamental analysis is very large at TradingView and refer to the areas of income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and statistics. One can find all important ratios on sales, profit, margins, costs, debt, dividends and much more. Also common fundamental ratios such as the price-earnings ratio. So you can see at a glance in the chart, both how the company is economically and has developed, as well as whether the company is expensive or favorably valued.

The ability to perform fundamental analysis with TradingView has been integrated into the platform over the years. In our opinion, this is a great feature and a great advantage of TradingView. From almost all stocks and companies you have the financial ratios and data going back up to 20 years. Even with new quarterly results, TradingView is always up to date and so you can also track your own investments fundamentally.

Not only with the quantity and quality of the financial data we could make good experiences with TradingView. We especially like the possibility to graphically integrate financial ratios like indicators into the chart. This enables a better understanding of the key figures and allows a better evaluation of the companies. Because you can see exactly how a company has developed in certain key figures and whether it is, for example, expensive or favorably valued.

TradingView Screener for Stocks, Forex and Crypto

Another interesting feature is the stock screener of TradingView. With it you can search for stocks according to individual criteria and find the best stocks to invest in. As criteria, all important financial ratios can be selected, but also some technical chart criteria, such as distance from the moving average.

Whether you are looking for the best dividend stocks, cheap stocks or stocks that have fallen sharply. With TradingView's stock screener, you can find exciting opportunities on the stock market at a glance. Not only for investing, but also for trading. Through adjustable alarms, one gets notifications as soon as certain stocks meet the criteria.

Besides the stock screener, TradingView also offers a forex screener. This is similarly structured and can be used to filter interesting currency pairs based on chart indicators. The forex screener is particularly interesting for day trading, as it can provide indications of lucrative trading opportunities.

The crypto screener works similarly to the forex screener. Here, cryptocurrencies can be found that meet chart criteria. As with the Forex screener, opportunities for day traders can be found clearly and quickly.

The stock screener, forex screener and crypto screener is a great feature and complements TradingView's offering very well. Used correctly, the screeners can provide great value to investors and traders.

TradingView's wide range of services is perfectly complemented by the integrated screeners, whether they are stock screeners, forex screeners or crypto screeners. All screeners can be very helpful for trading, if you are looking for new opportunities on the stock market. We had very good experiences and all three screeners from TradingView convinced us.

We especially liked the stock screener, because you can quickly and easily search the entire stock market for attractive investments. There are several stock screeners on the market, but some of them cost extra. At TradingView, the screeners are included in the paid subscriptions and improve the price-performance ratio.

Sharing ideas in the community

A great advantage of TradingView is the large and active community. Every TradingView subscription user can share and discuss their chart analysis and ideas in the community. This exchange of information between traders can complement one's own opinion and help to correctly assess the markets.

You can also get new ideas and suggestions for your own trading. One can find chart analyses from the community for the most diverse assets and can be made aware of possible opportunities on the stock market. Hundreds of different analyses are published daily. You can follow your favorites and always be informed as soon as they publish new ideas.

Through the community you can get analyses not only from hobby traders, but also from professional traders and day traders. Thus, you can constantly expand your knowledge of chart analysis and learn from the ideas of others.

The large and active community at TradingView shows that the platform is much more than just another tool for analyzing charts and stocks. Particularly outstanding is the activity with which new trading ideas are publicly explained in detail on a daily basis. No matter if you publish ideas yourself or not. The possibility to be inspired is a significant advantage and rounds off the offer of TradingView.

TradingView Mobile App

A big advantage of TradingView is the app of the same name, which is available for Android and iOS. The TradingView app offers all the features that the web version of TradingView also has. Through the alerts and push notifications you are informed around the clock, should the market change. This offers the possibility to react immediately and is an essential tool for both investors and traders.

The TradingView app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Over 12 million users have already downloaded the TradingView app. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, the TradingView app is one of the best-rated apps in the field of finance.

The TradingView app has been on the market for many years now. Over time, we have only had positive experiences with the app. We also find it very good that the app is constantly being worked on. Not only that almost all functions are available as on the desktop version, but also that you are always immediately notified as soon as something happens on the stock market. Anyone who uses TradingView with the integrated alarms in the chart cannot get around the app. Because you can get the alerts via push notification to your smartphone and react immediately.

Manage your own portfolio with TradingView

TradingView is not only suitable for chart analysis and day trading. Also for managing your own portfolio, the platform of TradingView can be helpful to keep track of all your stocks. Especially with larger portfolios, it is important to always know what your own investment is doing and how it is developing. For this purpose, TradingView offers all the necessary tools to monitor one's own portfolios and investments.

Through the function of the watch lists, you can individually reproduce your own portfolio in a watch list. So you have at a glance the price development of your own shares and funds and can act if necessary. On the computer and on the cell phone you can check the charts in a few minutes and act on appropriate developments.

Alerts inform you immediately as soon as a stock reaches certain marks. This gives the possibility to react quickly without having to sit in front of the screen all the time. Very few investors have the time to take care of their portfolio on a daily basis. Through the watchlist and the alerts you save time and still have your finger on the pulse.

Most private investors do not have much time for the stock market. Therefore, it is all the more important to have good tools and platforms to still keep track of everything important and stay informed. TradingView is a versatile platform for trading and analyzing stocks and offers a great way to keep track of your portfolio.

We personally use TradingView daily. A quick look at the watchlist where all stocks and ETFs from a portfolio are listed and you are already informed about the current status. Of course, the brokers also offer this overview with the exact value. But some people may not want such sensitive data to be on their smartphone.

We also find it particularly helpful to have an overview of planned purchases and sales of shares. Here you can create colored groups or watch lists. You can also make notes on the individual stocks and ETFs. It is possible to set alarms, should a stock break through an important chart technical mark and much more.

In our experience, TradingView is irreplaceable for active traders. But also long-term and passive investors can benefit from TradingView.

Use TradingView for free and as a subscription

TradingView services are available for purchase in various subscriptions. A free version is also available, but the functions of TradingView are limited. If you don't do intensive chart analysis and only want to look at the stock market data and prices from time to time, the free version of TradingView will probably be enough for you.

The paid subscriptions offer far more functions. Here you can choose between Pro, Pro+ and Premium. The Pro version of Trading is available for about 15$ per month. For the Premium version you have to pay about 60$. TradingView also offers the possibility to pay the subscription annually. In return, you get a discount of about 15%.

Which TradingView subscription is the right one depends on what exactly you want to use. For a better overview, we have summarized all subscriptions and their most important functions in a table:

Charts per tab1248
Saved chart layouts1510infinite
User defined time intervals
Export chart data
12 customizable chart types
Compare charts
Current quarterly figures
Historical financial data7 years20 years20 years20 years
100+ manufactured indicators
100k+ Community Indicators
Indicators per chart351025
50+ smart drawing tools
Volume profile indicators
Pine script programming
Active alarms120100400
Alarm duration2 months2 months2 monthsinfinite
Stock, Crypto, and Forex Screener
fundamental financial data
Global economic data
Business calendar
Publish ideas
interactive trading
Complete app
Customer supportregularPriorityHighest priority

Conclusion: Our experience and evaluation of TradingView

We have been using TradingView for more than 5 years now and honestly conclude that TradingView is one of the best platforms for chart analysis, fundamental analysis and trading. We especially like the fact that the platform is constantly being improved. Almost every month you can discover small changes in the look or the menu, but they make the platform better.

Many brokers also offer possibilities to perform chart analysis. However, the possibilities there are limited. The visuals are also better with TradingView and the offer of financial data expands the functions of the platform enormously. Fundamental analysis with TradingView makes the platform interesting not only for traders, but also for investors.

If you like to deal with the topic of the stock market and want to take care of your portfolio, you can't avoid TradingView. Even in the free version, the platform offers a wide range and many functions. Those who want to go deeper are well served with the various subscription models. The price is more than justified here, if you look at the functions offered in relation. The Pro version is sufficient for most. For professional traders, the extended premium version can be interesting. If you are not sure yet, you can test every subscription model for one month free of charge.

FAQ - The most important questions at a glance:

TradingView can be classified as a reputable financial and trading platform. The millions of users worldwide and the good ratings for the app and on the Internet speak for the platform of TradingView. Professional day traders also use the services of TradingView.

TradingView has over 21 languages to choose from. Among them are:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Indonesian
  • Malay
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew

The basic version of TradingView is free of charge. With the 3 different subscription models additional functions can be unlocked. Pro is available from 15$ per month, Pro+ from 30$ per month and Premium from 60$ per month.

In the monthly payment method, TradingView can be canceled monthly. If the subscription was paid annually, TradingView's terms and conditions apply.

Yes, with TradingView you can trade directly on the stock exchange. For this purpose, certain brokers are offered, which can be linked to the TradingView account. Then you can trade directly from the TradingView platform.

The brokers supported by TradingView may vary and change over time. Currently, the following brokers can be linked to the TradingView platform:

  • Pepperstone
  • TradingView Paper Trading
  • BlackBull Markets
  • Tradovate
  • Oanda
  • TradeStation
  • FXCM
  • Saxo
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Bitstamp
  • Tickmil

TradingView is an online trading and chart analysis platform. After free registration you have access to the platform and selected features. TradingView can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

TradingView is one of the leading and innovative platforms in the field of stock market and finance. The good ratings of the users and in the Appstore are a proof of the good quality of TradingView's technology.