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CFD brokers:

CFD brokers are often called CFD platforms. They are special providers where you can trade CFDs. There are a lot of brokers and especially for beginners it is difficult to distinguish good from bad platforms. There are a number of criteria that are crucial in choosing the right CFD broker. Among them are the number of tradable markets, fees and, of course, regulation.

In our category "CFD Brokers" you will learn everything you need to know about the brokers. The main component of this category is our detailed CFD broker comparison. In addition, we offer a number of authentic testimonials and tests of CFD brokers.

CFD education:

With CFD trading, you have to know what you are doing! It is not without reason that the risk warnings contain such high percentages of investors who lose their money. There is no question that CFD trading is risky! In order to trade CFDs successfully, it is essential to have the necessary knowledge. This includes knowledge of the financial markets on the one hand and knowledge of CFD trading itself on the other. In our blog articles in the CFD education category, we provide you with the most important information about CFD trading.

Stock CFDs:

Robinhood and other neo-brokers have really created a hype in stock trading. More and more new investors have entered the stock market. CFD trading in stocks is also becoming more and more popular. However, there are big differences between stocks and stock CFDs. In our category "Shares" you will find useful information about CFD trading with shares.

Commodity CFDs:

Commodity trading is one of the most important disciplines on the stock exchange. The commodity market is very complex and especially for beginners it is very difficult to get into it. Each commodity market is different from the other and has different influencing factors. Also, commodities behave differently than stocks or indices. But trading with commodities can be very exciting and yield good profits. Commodities are sometimes very volatile. This means that the price change is large within a short period of time. On the one hand, volatility is positive because it can provide profits. On the other hand, however, high losses can occur just as quickly. Especially when trading commodity CFDs and with leverage, you need to know what you are doing. In our category "Commodities" you will learn important information and the individual commodities and what moves them.

Forex CFDs:

Forex is one of the most popular underlyings in CFDs. Many professional day traders make profits with Forex CFDs, with a correspondingly high risk of losing their money. But trading currencies can be interesting for many traders and investors. CFDs are a practical tool for trading Forex. 

Forex trading works differently than, for example, trading with commodities or stocks. With currencies there are other influencing factors. Knowing these is fundamental for successful Forex trading. However, it is always important to keep in mind that CFDs carry a high risk, up to the loss of the entire capital. What is important in forex trading with CFDs, you will learn in our blog articles.


Bitcoin CFDs:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing an ever-increasing interest. Not only among private investors are cryptocurrencies, and thus crypto CFD, increasingly popular. Large institutional investors are also discovering the world of cryptocurrencies for themselves. Thus, 2021 Bitcoin has already been recognized as an official means of payment in some countries, such as El Salvador.

Private companies are also increasingly investing their capital in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Even Dogecoin seems to be gaining popularity, not least due to Tesla and Elon Musk's statements. Companies like Micro Strategy have already invested a lot of their capital in Bitcoin.

In the face of runaway monetary policy, Bitcoin is increasingly recognized as a store of value, similar to gold. The opportunities in the crypto market are not only interesting for long-term investors. Due to the high volatility, there are also exciting opportunities in the field of CFD trading with cryptocurrencies. HIlpful information on trading with bitcoin CFDs can be found in our blog articles.

CFD Strategies:

There are many different trading strategies and types of CFD traders. Both day trading and swing trading can be a good strategy in CFD trading. But there are a number of other trading strategies that can be interesting.

CFD trading can be very risky especially because of the leverage used. To be successful in CFD trading and to have the risk of CFDs under control, a good risk management is extremely important. Experience makes a lot of difference in success in CFD trading. But also knowledge and knowledge of the markets is extremely important. Chart analysis is also very helpful and a cornerstone in CFD strategies. In our category CFD strategies you will learn everything you need for a good risk management.